We have always extended its helping hands when it comes to social services. During current situation of tension due to COVID-19 scare, GFOI has extended its help to needy one. We all know, these steps are quite small. However, we strongly believe that even such small steps and initiatives can bring the change and will definitely spread the awareness to help all needy people in such difficult times. We believe many more will join us,  work towards this cause and help needy one to overcome these extremely difficult times. 

    Though Indian government and authorities are working hard to control this pandemic, many efficient measures are being taken to help all section of society, especially highly affected people of weaker section. Still there are many such affected people, who are finding hard times to earn and sustain even on daily basis. Though government have opened many shelter homes where migrants have been shifted and being provided with food and basic necessities. Still, there are many more left stranded, who don't have any means to earn their livelihood and are not in position to return to their native villages. In such circumstances, "Growth Foundation of India" GFOI, has come forward and pledged to help needy people. We have started a unique program to assist such stranded migrant labourers by providing them part time jobs, as well as to provide food parcels to needy people around Safdarjung Hospital. 

    At this time when daily wages labours are jobless and struggling for daily needs. The NGO GFOI, which basically works in three states (Delhi-NCR, Haryana and Uttarakhand), started giving part time jobs to people from Uttarakhand, who got stuck in Delhi due to lockdown situation. Along-with a team of 10 such people, NGO has started a community kitchen to cook 1000 meals on daily basis. We monitor and drive the whole process of cooking, packing of food parcels and distribution. team also ensures that food handling and cooking process done under controlled hygienic condition. NGO has started distributing 500 meals each for both lunch and dinner at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi. This program is running since last one month and expected to run throughout the lockdown period. 

    GFOI is really doing a commendable work by providing a way to earn, live and sustain to these migrants labourers. In turn, these people are helping NGO to run the community kitchen, which prepare 1000 meals daily to feed stranded and needy one. GFOI is not new in social works field, they have been doing relief work since Kedarnnath Flood tragedy in 2013,supported relief work in disaster affected villages. Since then, GFOI have never looked back. In addition, they are running skill development centers, old age home and also providing scholorships to school childrens, mainly at Uttarakhand. NGO has also adopted a slum at Delhi, where running informal classses for children, engaged slum women for making decorative diyas and other decorative items, which helps these women to earn livelihood.  GFOI always put forward themselves, when it comes to serve the society. Team GFOI has been sponsoring "Community Kitchen" mission on its own. And now looking forward for support from society. A little help can feed a people in need as we all know India has a big number of people who are finding hard to arrange food at this tough time. We still have to go miles, things will take time to get back to normal. Kindly help us with your contribution. "No act of Kindness, however small, is ever wasted".


    Before we take you through the year that’s been, here’s a glimpse of what Your support has helped us achieve. Ultimately, the true worth of a NGO’s work shows in the lives of its Beneficiaries Our journey started in 15 august, 2006, but got registered in 21 may, 2013. Growth Foundation of India was born with the core value and belief that it Must be a democratic organization and people’s voices should be listened Carefully. All our programmers have a common theme of people Participation and enabling them to have a voice of their own. We started our work with funds raised largely from family and friends as Most young organizations do. This was an important part of our journey, Which bought in the spirit of volunteering and commitment to the team. Since our inception in Delhi, we have grown to other locations like Uttarakhand and planning to grow In other states too.

    we are serving over 15,000 lives!


    Children made aware of Cancer.


    Voluntary Blood Donors joined our mission.


    Consumer Friendly Training Sessions.


    Women Self Help Groups Promoted.



    GFoI have set- up health checkup Camps to spread knowledge about the harms of open defecation.

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    Project Vinay Informal education is provided to children and women of the area of Bhawar Singh Camp.

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    There were total 20 awareness campaigns conducted by GFoI on Right to Information.

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    Not every child is lucky. We need your support to help a child in completing their education. This Program makes it possible for an individual to sponsor the cost of education or total living expenses for one underprivileged child. Growth Foundation of India endeavors to find sponsors for the children and facilities linking sponsors with individual children. The aim is to support this child financially until he completes his education and is able to support himself. You can become a sponsor for a child. Your sponsorship enables us to care for and educate them.


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